VISTA Origin, is a master control ecosystem supporting, network origination, 24x7 play out services, playlist management, packaged with VISTA’s Industry leading transmission, production, emerging technology and customer service.  No longer do you need to make a CAP-X Investment as VISTA Origin is a SaaS Master Control offering. 


  • Asset Management

    VISTA’s team of broadcast professionals will digitize, organize and create meta data in order to prepare content for distribution


    VISTA origin can easily integrate live real time graphics enhancing the overall distribution of the content.

    Network Origination

    VISTA’s SaaS business model of channel creation and origination allows our customers to focus on content creation as VISTA’s Team of engineers and master control operators manage the technical aspects of the channel.

  • Playlist

    VISTA Origin makes it simple to manage and distribute your content through our intuitive playlist management system.  Providing flexible and powerful user interface VISTA customers can GUI into the system to adjust rundowns and schedules or allow VISTA’s experienced team to manage the system on their behalf, transitioning between live, pre-recorded and archival content.  


    VISTA Origin provides automated and/or fully manned master control solutions as a service offering rather than a hardware investment.  VISTA Broadcast Facility becomes your channel origination “hub” for quality playout management and distribution 


    VISTA Origin provides many solutions for advertisement opportunities, from Commercial and interstitial implementation to sponsored graphical element integration

  • Live

    VISTA’s state of the art broadcast facility is equipped with satellite fiber and IP connectivity from the industry leading carriers around the world making live signal acquisition simple and cost effective.

Master Control

  • Content Creators
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Collegiate Institutions
  • Ethnic Broadcasters
  • Genre Specific Programing
  • Get in touch with a representative.