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Founded by Mr. Roy Liemer, a forty-year veteran in the satellite and production industry, and with corporate headquarters in South Florida, VISTA opened its doors in 1988. VISTA pioneered value-added services to the media industry, always maximizing a client’s reach while effectively offering competitive prices. VISTA Worldlink embraces technology, always bringing successful media solutions to its diverse clientele.

Today, VISTA continues to thrive under the leadership of Roy Liemer and his son Joshua Liemer, making VISTA one of the last independently owned and operated companies in the media industry.

VISTA’s diverse relationships with media service providers worldwide distinguishes VISTA from the competition. Throughout the years VISTA continues to bring commitment, expertise, creativity and a spirit to each project giving the corporation the highest client retention rate in the industry

  • Roy Liemer

    Co-Founder, CEO

  • Geri Liemer


  • Josh Liemer


  • Anthony De Vita

    Executive Vice President

  • Christopher Walkley

    Director of Operations

  • Fernando Linares

    Director of Engineering

  • The VISTA Sales Team

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